Emergency Goat Noise Maker


You’ve found the coolest goat costume. Now, take your costume look even further with this Emergency Goat Noise Maker. Everyone will think you’ve turn into a real goat!

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Heads Up! Have you ever been in need of some serious attention and didn’t know how to get everyone to focus on your right away? Or have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation and wanted to let the other people in your vicinity know that you needed help? What you require is an appropriately obnoxious noisemaker that will draw all eyes to you as soon as you use it! Product DetailsTurn heads when you deploy this Emergency Goat Noise Animal Maker! The conveniently-sized remote-style device is a fun shade of peach with graphics that read “Emergency Goat” alongside an image of a bleating goat’s head. The buttons give you the option of creating four different types of noises, including “Scream,” “Bleat,” “Kids,” and “Goats.” No one will be able to ignore you when with the sound of a screaming goat echoing in their ears! *SHRIEKING SOUNDS* This hilarious noisemaker will make you feel more secure when you’re out and about in public. Plus, as mentioned, it’s really funny. A win-win for everyone! (Except potential creeps.) 

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