Toddler Chameleon Costume


This exclusive Toddler Chameleon Costume has a great look for any kid trying to lizard his way into a party. Or dub it a Pascal costume for extra creativity.

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Have you ever looked at something and just had to start scratching your head as you puzzle over what the darned thing is? Maybe it is an animal and you’re sure you have seen something like it before, but you’re not sure if it was just a fantasy monster or something actually real? Perhaps it just looks like a smudge on the ground and you’re trying to identify some kind of strange chemical composition? Thing is… we understand that when you’re raising a kid, you can very often experience both of these thoughts and, occasionally, at the same time… almost always immediately followed by the desperate question, “Where did you get that!?”The animal kingdom has this amazing way of keeping us all guessing. So many creatures pull together surprising elements that ensure that none of us are ever certain what we’re looking at. A few of them are able to pretend to be other creatures entirely. And, if there is anything that a toddler more closely resembles, it is that sort of beastie that can randomly flip flop its entire identity just to confuse the heck out of you and make you wonder what the rest of the day is going to end up being!Well, we are here to make the entire experience easier… by letting you give into the problem wholly and let your kiddo flat out evolve and shapeshift! Experience the full wonder of your tyke’s ever-developing persona with this Toddler Chameleon costume. This polyester velour jumpsuit has a back zipper for simple wearing and has lovely green and black camouflage print throughout the whole of the body. The stomach and tail are both a lighter lime green, the latter of which can be stuffed and posed as desire. The hood has soft-sculpted eyes with a snout on top that gives your little tyke the very image of being a giant lizard. Now, the color shifting abilities develop a little later in life, so you won’t have to worry about your kiddo vanishing before your eyes… at least not thanks to the costume, anyway! You’ll still have to worry about anything weird that comes into the house, though. Nothing we can do about that development.

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