Panda Knit Beanie


This knitted panda adult beanie is unisex and great for pulling a panda costume together or as an awesome everyday beanie!

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PANDA POWERHow does that saying go? Two heads are better than one— ah yes, that’s it. We find this proverb to be true since we always accomplish more when we work together as a team as opposed to doing solitary work. When this knit panda beanie came rolling into the office on a cart, we wondered if the same sentiment would hold up so we did a little experiment. (We were also tempted to try it on since it’s so cute.) After wearing the panda knit adult beanie for a full 8 hours, we can say that it didn’t improve our productivity but it did come with some sweet perks. We felt the overwhelming urge to post up in a tree somewhere and take a nap (so we guess you could say we were very unproductive.) A strong hankering for bamboo also hit us which is weird since we’ve never eaten it…until today. Hee hee! PRODUCT DETAILS The panda knit beanie is a unisex accessory specifically crafted to fit adult-sized heads. It features embroidered eyes, a nose, and two fuzzy ears sewn to the top of the beanie.BLACK AND WHITE THINKING! We were kidding about craving bamboo while wearing the panda hat! It won’t give you any strange cravings but it will serve as the cherry on top of any panda costume worn.          

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