Women’s Deck of Cards Spade Kit


Play your cards right with the Women’s Deck of Cards Spade Kit. This pullover top has open shoulders, and the front tails can be tied as desired. There is a glittery print on the front and a ribbon bow attached to the headband.

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Here’s the DealEverybody has a favorite card game! No matter how little or how much you play, everyone has held a deck of cards at some point and enjoyed a game. Are you a die hard poker player? Do you play War with your kids? Your whole family might even have a favorite game to play together, like Crazy Eights or Hearts. No matter what game you’re playing, it wouldn’t be a complete deck without the suit of spades! Celebrate your favorite card games by dressing up with the help of this Women’s Deck of Cards Spade Kit.Product DetailsThis kit has three pieces that work together to create a cute and understated costume. The white shirt is flattering, with a v-neck cut, cutout cold shoulders, and front ties that can be tied however you want them. A large, glittering black spade takes up the center, while a smaller symbol and an ‘A’ in the corner specify you as an ace card. The second piece, a necklace, includes all four suit symbols on a golden chain: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Do your hair however you please, and then add the card-themed headband. It features two bows layered together, the larger black one behind a checkered one with a red knot. Three cards are arranged behind the bows, giving the headband a more regal, crown-like appearance. Pull on your favorite jeans or leggings, and add whatever shoes will suit your evening plans.You’re an Ace!Everything goes with this versatile look! No matter how you decide to style these pieces, we know it will look top notch. You’re the winner of this card game! So grab a drink and a friend and hit the dance floor. In fact, check out our website for other suit kits. Your friends can join in the fun!

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