Plus Size Betty Rubble Costume


Gather your group and go way back to the stone age in the Plus Size Betty Rubble Costume, but be warned steering the footmobile is harder than it looks.

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The best BettyThere have been lots of famous Bettys throughout history. There’s Betty Grable, Betty Ford, Betty White, Betty Cooper… But while all these ladies are special indeed, we think there’s only one Betty who can be the best… And we’re talking, of course, about Betty Rubble!Betty often took a backseat to her best friend Wilma Flintstone in the classic cartoon series, but she actually had a lot of amazing adventures herself, too. Did you know when her son Bamm-Bamm was a teenager, she actually worked for the Daily Granite newslab and shared lots of adventures with prehistoric superhero Captain Caveman, who turned out to be a fellow news reporter? Hmm… somehow that story sounds kind of familiar…Not only was Betty pretty great on her own, she also had a killer sense of style! Well, okay, she only ever wore one dress, but why change your outfit when it’s already perfect? Everyone knows Betty’s iconic blue halter dress and perfect matching hair accessory. (Accessories make or break an outfit, after all!) She was setting fashion trends before there were even fashion shows!Product DetailsBring some prehistoric style to your next costume party with this Plus Size Betty Rubble Costume. The blue dress looks just like what Betty always wore on the classic cartoon! The costume is 100 percent polyester, with an attached black choker collar. There’s also a matching blue hairbow. The dress’s hemline is jagged and mimics the most modern fashion trends of prehistoric times.Rock out!This costume is sure to make you stand out at any costume party… and it will definitely catch Barney’s attention, too! In fact, we think you should get the whole gang together: Fred, Wilma, Bamm-Bamm, Pebbles… maybe even Dino! Then you’ll really be able to have a rockin’ good time!

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