Plus Size Women’s Prairie Dress Costume


Take yourself to the days of the pioneers with our Women’s Plus Size Prairie Dress Costume. Complete with a beautiful pattern to make you feel like you are living in the 19th Century American times.

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Wildflowers and Wagon WheelsThe pioneers of the wild west were an adventurous bunch. People left their tight-knit communities for all sorts of reasons. Some loaded their wagons for the long haul, taking on the Sierra Nevada mountains to take up residence in California. Others craved the isolation of the plains, building houses out of sod and working the wild land. Whether they were crossing the plains or settling in the midwest, the men and women of the wagon trains all reported back on the beauty of the prairie. If you crave the sensation of taking in an endless blue sky above an ocean of grass with meadowlarks among the wildflowers then slipping into this Women’s prairie dress costume will make you feel like you’re one of the brave 19th-century pioneers!Design & DetailsThis calico dress would look just right on a prairie homestead. The one-piece dress zips up the back and has a long skirt sporting a wide border and a blouse top with the billowing sleeves that were so popular in the 1800s. The top is detailed with decorative buttons on the front and velvet trim along the collar and cuffs. Accented with a cameo brooch, this dress is a lovely pick for plays, reenactments, and costume parties. Pieces of the PastWhile we’re glad that we no longer have to cook our food over an open fire or scrub our clothes by hand, it’s a lot of fun to visit the 19th Century every once in a while. And when you add little details to this costume like a wide brim bonnet, you take it to the next level. That bonnet keeps the sun off your face as you tend to barefoot children and gather herbs to heal people along the trail becoming an important part of building your character. It’s amazing how costumes like this can make the past come alive!

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