Women’s Snappy Racer Costume


Start your engines! Get out of the gate with this Women’s Snappy Racer Costume. you will just need to add the flag and aviators to complete the whole snappy look.

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Start Your Engines!Do you love watching professional car races? There’s something that really gets your heart pumping as you see cars speed along a closed track for fifty or sixty laps. (Lap 54 was particularly exciting this time!) Who knew that watching cars careen along the track at 200 miles per hour could be so… repetitive?But maybe you do more than watch professional drivers and cheer on your favorite. Maybe you actually dream of being on the track yourself! There’s only one problem… You’re a really terrible driver. You always grind your gears when you shift and stall your car at stop lights. You tend to forget your emergency break and let your car roll down the hill after you park it. You’ve been in your share of fender benders. And, technically, your license has been expired for five months now.Never fear! There’s still a way that you can fulfill your dream and stand on a real live race track. All you need to do is become the flag girl! No race is complete without a beautiful young woman who waves her flag to start the race. And we’re happy to announce that no driving experience is required!Product DetailsGet some hearts racing at your next costume party with this exclusive Women’s Snappy Racer Costume. The romper is 100 percent polyester and features a flashy red, black and white color scheme reminiscent of racing tracks. There’s a front zipper for easy wear, along with a bright red collar, a large satin number 23 appliqued on the back and an embroidered 23 patch on the front left. The bottom of the romper features a checkered black-and-white pattern like a starting flag. When you slip into this outfit, you’ll look right at home at the track!Ready, Set, Go!Slip into this Snappy Racer Costume and wave your flag high!

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