Plus Size Supreme Alice Costume


This Plus Size Supreme Alice Costume features a look that is perfect for a trip to Wonderland. Available in sizes 1X through 5X.

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Having a Wonderful TimeSometimes you just need to go on vacation, but you’ve been almost everywhere now and what’s left? We think you should go to Wonderland! It’s pretty wonderful. But you have to dress the part. Get our plus size supreme Alice Costume and you’ll fit right in. Now you can see the local sights, like the famous Tea Party Garden, the white rose hedges, and if you’re lucky you can see the Queen of Hearts playing croquet at the Royal Palace. Sounds like fun, no? Get into our plus size supreme Alice costume and you’ll be ready to go on your trip. Just make sure you pack your pocket watch, things get weird in Wonderland. Details & DesignBecause it’s Made by Us you can be sure this supreme Alice in Wonderland will stand out in both quality and detail. The bright blue dress is clean cut with perfectly puffed sleeves, a crisp peter pan collar trimmed in lace, and a matching pinafore apron that secures to the dress with hook and loop fasteners. It zips up the back to make changing easy. Your Alice look is topped with a big, satin bow that’s attached to a headband so you’ll look like you stepped out of the pages of a book. House of CardsWhat’s the best part of travel? Well, it’s hard to say but we’re all for meeting new people along the way! Want all your friends to join you on a Wonderland adventure? There are plenty of costumes to choose from. From the Mad Hatter to the Cheshire Cat and even the Queen of Hearts, a cast of characters can be by your side in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Now all you have to do is brace yourself, you’ll surely stop falling down this rabbit hole sooner or later!

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