Cat in the Hat Kids Costume


Have lot of fun that is funny once you slip into this Cat in the Hat Kids Costume. It’s a fun way to celebrate that wacky Dr. Seuss.

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A New Kind of CharacterYour kiddo can dress up as Dr. Seuss’s most beloved character. The one and the only (kind of), the amazing Cat in the Hat. The creation of this character ushered in a whole new line of books for children. Once you dress your little one up in this cute costume you can watch a storybook tale come to life right in front of you!Just a heads up, but don’t be surprised if your kiddo seems to be a bit mischievous while wearing this jumpsuit. All that Mr. Hat ever wanted was to find fun to entertain bored little Sally and her brother. Sure he may have had a knack for making a mess wherever he went but, you’ve got to admit, the cat knew how to clean up after himself. With the help of Thing 1 and Thing 2 or all those Little Cats, A through Z, you can be sure that whatever mess your tyke makes while wearing this costume will be taken care of, no problem at all. If a mess ever seems too big just remember the ‘Voom’ can take care of anything!Product DetailsInspired by your favorite character from the books, this Cat in the Hat costume comes with a crushed velvet jumpsuit that fits with a fastener in the back. The suit has a white tummy and an attached red bowtie at the neck. The tail attaches to the back of the suit with a hook and look fastener and the tall top hat puts the finishing touch on the whole look. It’s an easy way for your little one to cosplay as The Cat!

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