Plus Size Deluxe WW2 Soldier Costume


No matter the task, this Plus Size Deluxe WW2 Soldier Costume is sure to help you in completing any mission. Suit up with your friends for a group theme or be a brave soldier on a very special solo assignment.

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World War 2 TalesThe challenges of WW2 were so so legendary that a new movie about this era comes out every year. That is, whenever production companies can come up with the budget for the fantastic wardrobe and vintage planes that a period movie requires. And even with all the movies, books, and documentaries that came out in the last fifty years, there are still so many stories to cover! There was “The Ghost Army” that was made out of artists and sound guys. They created radio transmissions and fake planes and tanks that would confuse and divert enemy spies. There are so many amazing stories to discover. Now, you can step into the combat boots of the past with this World War 2 costume. Sure, you might not have to deal with trench foot or eat retro army rations, but you’ll look the part of a World War 2 hero!Design & DetailsOur in-house designers created this costume balancing a reverence for historical detail and affordability. The classic olive green color is instantly recognizable. The jacket buttons up the front and has epaulets on the shoulders to create a military look. A harness with pockets around the bottom creates a look that makes you feel ready for the field. Complete with matching pants that have an elastic band for comfort, this World War 2 costume is an iconic piece of the past for your wardrobe!To the TrenchesCan you picture yourself sitting in the muddy trenches of France, eating lima beans and ham out of a can from your C-rations? Or perhaps you can see yourself rolling along the choppy seas on the way to your next, undisclosed location. When you are in army green, you will be able to see yourself in this epic moment in history! 

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