Child Nurse Costume


If she’s always dreamed of going into healthcare work then this Child Nurse Costume is the perfect way for her to start!

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Nurses are such an important part of our lives. If your child has expressed an interest in being one, that’s fantastic! Encourage that nurturing heart. Support that desire to help others. Cheer them on as they start the first of many, many, many semesters of nursing school. Remind them of the good they’ll be doing, the people they’ll be helping, the bedpans they’ll be changing, the student loans they’ll be paying, the long hours they’ll be working, the holidays they’ll be missing… Wait, maybe leave off those last few parts. We don’t want to scare them away. We need someone to give us our medicine when we’re in our nursing home.Besides, before your child even gets to all those “difficult” parts of being a nurse, he or she has to decide if that’s really the path they want to take. And an important part of that decision, of course, is knowing whether they like wearing a nurse’s uniform. We can help with that! Check out our Child Nurse Costume, which gives kids the chance to see themselves as they’ve always dreamed of being. It includes a white dress with red trim and red buttons, an apron with a red cross on the front, and a hat with a matching red cross.You could maybe tell your child that nurses no longer wear the funny little hats, but then you’d be crushing part of their dream, so don’t. Let them show up to their first day on the job wearing one. We promise it will make them a lot of friends.

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