Deluxe Latex Frog Mask


Ribbit, ribbit! You need this Deluxe Latex Frog Mask to become a creepy looking Kermit! Go scare your friends with this scary looking Frog Mask or get a group of friends to scare your siblings!

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Ribbbbbbbbbit! Are you feeling froggy? Sometimes when you walk in on the ancient rituals of a cult of witches, you end up leaving feeling a little funny. They seem to enjoy turning people into various amphibians such as toads or salamanders, but mostly newts. Don’t worry, you’ll get better in time. Lucky for you too, you happened to stumble upon a group of apprentice witches practicing for one of their big exams, so you only had part of you transform into a frog. Unfortunately it was your head so the only things on your mind right now are finding flies and trying to sit on lily pads. We’re going to warn you right now that no lily pad will ever be able to support a frog-human’s weight so fight that urge!Once your done with that wild ride, you might miss the sweet look that made everyone green with envy. Don’t worry, we’ve got the hook up for you with this sweet green frog latex mask. We can’t help you with the long tongue, but it will make your new amphibious friends much less uncomfortable around you after the spell wears off.

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