Toddler Brown Monk Robe Costume


Your child can become a devout religious figure this Halloween with our exclusive Toddler Brown Monk Robe Costume! This costume could be perfect for your little one this year.

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It’s a Monk’s Life for Me When you look at your little one, your first thought probably isn’t “Wow, my child is really suited to life in a monastery!” The truth is, though, that he’d be a great fit at that beautiful Gothic abbey. Why? Well, monks often have to wake up several times a night to pray. Your child already wakes up so, so many times every night (although he prefers playing over praying during his midnight wakeful moments). Thanks to their robes, monks don’t really have to worry about trimming their hair, and frankly, your child would be perfectly happy if he never had to get a haircut or use a comb again. Also, many monks choose to support themselves by making jams, candies, and caramels. Your toddler loves eating jams, candies, and caramels. Sounds like a great vocation choice! Product Details We all know your little one is a perfect saint, so show his sweet spirit off on Halloween with this exclusive Brown Monk Robe Costume for Toddlers! The brown ankle-length robe looks as cool as an outfit straight out of Medieval times. The long cowled collar covers the shoulders to the elbows and the deep hood can be pulled up over the face to shield your little one from cool autumn breezes. The rope belt ties around the waist. Cloisters or Open Roads? Maybe your toddler is the type of monk who likes to live with his friends in a nice abbey. Maybe he’s the roving sort who seeks adventures like Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck. Whatever his preference, he’ll be dressed for success with this awesome robe! 

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