Women’s Classic Betty Rubble Costume


Travel back to the stone age in the Women’s Classic Betty Rubble Costume and find your Barney or Wilma! Complete a Flintstones group costume with this exclusive costume.

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Time to Shine It is a little strange that one of the least developed characters in Flintstone fame is often the favorite among Flintstone fans! Betty Rubble is the delightful and beautiful wife of Barney. She’s an integral part of getting Fred and her hubby out of trouble in every episode where their foibles fail. Yet, she’s so often in the background while Wilma, Fred, or Barney take the charge. We think it is time to highlight the heroine in blue and we suspect that you’re ready to help! Elizabeth Jean “Betty” Rubble actually has a lot going for her! Did you know that she went undercover as a reporter when Bamm-Bamm was a teenager? She helped Captain Caveman conquer a bunch of villains, too! That’s right, she was the literal Lois Lane of Bedrock! If you’re ready to help illuminate the glory that is Betty Rubble, we’re ready to help you go undercover, too. All you’ll need is the right look to change it from “The Flintstones” to “The Betty Show!” Design & DetailsStart your quest to make Betty the main character that she always deserved when you slip into this officially licensed Classic Betty Rubble costume. This bright blue dress falls to your knees and features the ragged hemline expected of a modern stone-aged woman. A matching blue bow keeps the look complete while a Betty Rubble wig ensures you’ll have the dark hair of this Bedrock beauty. 

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