Men’s Plus Size Good Times Charlie Costume


Strike up the band while you’re dressed in this plus size Men’s Good Times Charlie costume. Available in 2X.

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You are gearing up to head out to a massive 20s themed bash, and as such, we have to ask you…are you really going to let all those flappers have all the fabulously fashionable fun?We didn’t think so! After all, you are quite the debonaire dresser yourself. In fact, you feel slightly sour that bow ties are now deemed to be “old-fashioned.” Says who? We totally agree; we also wish the bow tie would come back into everyday style. You can help bring the trend back by wearing this Men’s Plus Size Good Times Charlie costume. In addition to highlighting one of the better men’s fashion finds, you will also give those fringey flappers a run for their sequined money in this classic vintage look, a costume that says, “I am here, I am fierce, and I am ready to party!”We tip our hat to you, sir, and so will everyone else when they see you stroll into the soiree with this red striped jacket styled over your own black pants and white shirt. You get a brand new bow tie (yay!) and even a straw boater hat with an old-timey grosgrain ribbon band. Pair this look with a cane (we don’t actually know why that accessory was popular, but it was) and brush up on your Charleston, buddy, because those flappers have been practicing their moves for weeks–and they will be in need of an dapper dance partner who can keep up!

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