Swanky Vampire Toddler Costume


Your toddler will transform into a blood sucker with this Swanky Vampire Toddler Costume! This costume is perfect for any aspiring little vampire this Halloween.

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How to Make a VampireVampires don’t just happen. They are made. And while your kiddo may have some key vampire qualities, like a penchant for nighttime antics and a deep desire to turn into a bat and fly, they’ll need more than that to successfully transform into a bonafide bloodsucker. So if your toddler tends to give up easily when frustrated, or isn’t great at sitting still and listening, then you’re going to need to find a way to teach them. Because if they want to be a vampire — especially a prominent one in the community with a great big castle, the finest coffins to sleep in, and a haunting reputation — then they will have to fully commit to the character and sit through a whole bunch of vampire lessons. Of course, you could just get them this Toddler Swanky Vampire Costume and see how they do. That would probably be easier, especially since toddlers aren’t really much for logic. Or commitment. Or patience. This costume pretty much makes the whole transformation for your tot, without a whole lot of fuss! Now, they can go door to door in swanky style and know that they are the cutest, chicest, most lovable vampire on the block.Design & DetailsThis three-piece costume comes with the vest, collar and attached cape, and brooch. Sounds simple, right? But get a look at the details and you’ll see why this little look is so transformative! The vest pulls over and has a blood-red, bat-like velour design, as well as faux buttons. The cape attaches to a stand-up collar via a hook and loop closure, and the faux-gem brooch ties the whole classy look together. This little vampire looks ready for a Halloween ball!

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