Plus Size Bear Costume


Don’t you wish you were a bear sometimes just for the hibernation alone? I’d love to take winter off. Unless genetic engineering makes some leaps and bounds, none of us is becoming a bear any time soon, so this Plus Size Bear Costume will have to do. Ava

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You know the story, a girl finds an empty cottage and starts trying everything out until she finds exactly what she wants. One thing always bothered us about that story: why do the bears live in a house? Bears sleeping in beds? Bears eating porridge? It’s possible that this fairytale is a comment on humankind’s place in the animal kingdom being much closer to other mammals, like bears, than is typically acknowledged. The bears seem totally civilized and with reasonable concerns about an intruder in their home. Goldilocks on the other hand? Kind of in the wrong. Go bears!

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