Ravenclaw Breakaway Toddler Tie


Your little one has been sorted into their house early and you need to get them ready for class with the Ravenclaw Toddler Tie. Featuring a blue and gray stripe design and the house crest too!

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Raven About This Tie!All of you with little witches and wizards know that they aspire to go to the enchanting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when they turn 11, and they would do well to choose Ravenclaw as their house! Ravenclaw prioritizes wisdom, wittiness, and intelligence above all other pursuits, so if your sharp little one can make the grade, they’re going to be one wizened wizard or witch! So get them into the smart-looking Ravenclaw Crest Toddler Breakaway Tie, and get the quaffle ball rolling on their bright and magical future in the Wizarding World.Product DetailsYour little Ravenclaw-to-be can begin their preparation for acceptance into the house founded by Rowena Ravenclaw with this 100% polyester tie, featuring officially licensed artwork of the house sigil, the eagle (yes, we were confused about that too), along with a ribbon bearing the house title, as well as the diadem that tragically served as a Horcrux for the notorious Dark Lord Voldemort, framed by blue and silver stripes. Pleasingly easy to put on without the aid of magic, this tie fastens around your collar with a hook and loop and fits most aspiring aurors and potion-makers. With the Ravenclaw Toddler Tie, your child is sure to excel in the halls of Hogwarts!

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