Cat Knit Beanie


Need a sassy accessory to keep you warm? Make the purrfect choice in adding this cute, Black Cat Knit Beanie to your costume and you will be the cat’s meow!

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Cat Is The HatMaybe you’re a big fan of cats or perhaps you just plan to go out as one for Halloween this year. Either way, this beanie is a purrfect accessory for you. Wear it when you feel the need to beat those chilly days with some extra heat. When people want to ask you if you’re a dog person or a cat person, you can simply point to your hat and put that question to rest without wasting a breath. If going out as a black cat on the spookiest day of the year sounded appealing to you, the beanie is a warm alternative to a cat ear headband. This accessory is just as easy to add to your costume as a headband.  Product DetailsThis hat is made entirely of acrylic materials. It’s soft and lightweight but also keeps your head plenty warm. It’s not waterproof but it does dry rather quickly when wet. There’s a pair of black and pink knitted kitten ears at the top of this black beanie. It’s made in one size that should fit most.Here Kitty, KittyGet a little catty with this Knitted Black Cat Beanie. Nothing wrong with letting your inner feline out from time to time.

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