Toddler’s Bouncy Bubble Fox Costume


Looking for an adorable Halloween costume for your child? Your little one will be the cutest one in the forest with our Toddler’s Bouncy Bubble Fox Costume for any costume themed event!

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Your Little Sly GuyDo you have the slyest kid on the block? Well, then you need the perfect costume for him. You need something that matches that clever personality.His favorite superhero or monster wouldn’t really work, not a clown or a wizard either. Although they are all very cool costume ideas, none of them really show just how crafty your little one can be. Instead, you should grab this Bouncy Bubble Fox Costume. It is perfect for your toddler! The fox is known as the slyest in the animal kingdom, so it will be an excellent fit for your tricky tot.With this slick costume, your charming fox will gather up more treats than any other kid in town! Just keep an eye on any nearby chicken coops. Foxes do have a bad rep for raiding them. The last thing you want is a call from your neighbor about your foxy fella chasing their chickadees around the block.Details & DesignThis costume may possibly be one of the cutest we have ever created, but more importantly, it may be one of our simplest as well. No need to worry about a headband with attached ears or a makeover. Knowing your kiddo the ears would be lost and the makeup would be smeared halfway down the driveway.This costume comes with an easy to toss on Hooded Tunic. The hood has all the cute foxy features and an adorable tail is attached to the back. Besides the tunic, a pair of shoe covers are also included.This Fox RocksHave the foxiest kid in town when you dress him up in our exclusive Bouncy Bubble Fox Costume. It’s from our Made By Us collection, so you know it was made with plenty of love and a ton of care. Your child will be the comfiest fox on the block this Halloween!

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