Pioneer Bonnet for Women


This Pioneer Bonnet is a versatile accessory, perfect for costumes or school plays. Wear it proudly as a symbol of the hardships you’ve overcome from those long forgotten pioneer days!

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Any good costumer knows that what makes or breaks the costume is the details. We’re talking accurate props, correct jewelry, small touches of make-up, contacts, or intentionally dirtying the costume of a tomb raider… it’s all in the details.And head wear? Head wear can make or break the costume. Where would Indiana Jones be without his hat? What about a pirate captain? Or a flying boy who wants to stay young forever? Hats can make a huge difference for the look of a costume.So if you’re working on a lady’s pioneer outfit or something historical (think Oregon trail, Little House on the Prairie, etc.) then you need our Pioneer Bonnet. It’s a big white bonnet that ties around your neck. It’ll look great with any old-school costumes you have planned. Trust us. The appropriate head wear is a must.

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