Adult Lion Sublimated Face Mask


Accessorize your costume or wear this fierce Adult Lion Sublimated Face Mask with your everyday outfit. This face mask resembles the mouth of a Lion and has elastic ear straps.

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Quick ChangeAck! It’s the day of your best pal’s Halloween party, and you’ve been too busy to get a costume. It completely slipped your mind. While normally, we here in the Halloween business frown on this kind of behavior (we take Halloween pretty seriously around here if you can’t tell), we applaud your desire to rise to the occasion and show up for your friend. And a sincerely THANK YOU for not being that person who just gives up and doesn’t wear a costume to the costume party. Don’t be that person.Here’s what you do: slip into your favorite brown pants and a tan top, tease out your mane—er, hair—and slip on this Adult Lion Face Mask for fast effect. The impressive vision of this lion’s roaring mouth will go a long way in transforming you into a prowling big cat for the night. Plus, you can wear it around town long after Halloween is over!Product DetailsThis comfy mask features a velour outer fabric and cloth inner fabric, plus elastic earloops and a contoured shape. It’s printed to perfection with a fierce lion’s mouth. Wear it whenever you’re feeling feisty, or for a quick costume fix. 

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