Pearl and Brooch Necklace and Earring Set


When you need classy looking jewelry, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, wear this Pearl and Brooch Necklace and Earring Set.

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The trouble with being fabulously wealthy is that it requires a lot of money. We’re talking a lot. And, despite what we’ve all learned from Scrooge McDuck, that much coinage doesn’t actually work very well as a swimming pool. Little known fact?—none of those gold coins were actual gold. Even a cartoon kagillionaire would have gotten squashed! The real bounty was his secret vault, filled to the brim with pearls farmed from his coast-dwelling friends.Since his luxury show went off the air, good old Scrooge has gotten a bit more generous, too. He’s given us a great deal on a number of prize pearls and we’ve fashioned them into this gorgeous necklace and earring set. Four complete twenty inch strands and a simple claw clasp in the back and you are brought right up into high society and the matching earrings are a perfect complement to any classy outfit.

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