Child Ghastly Ghoul Mask


This child ghastly ghoul mask is a frightening look for Halloween! This molded latex mask covers your entire head and has eye slits that allow limited vision.

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When you’re a parent, you’ll experience plenty of proud moments watching your little one grow up, but there’s no prouder moment than when your child looks up at you, with hopeful eyes and says, “I want to be a zombie.” That one gets us right in the feels. That’s the very moment that you know that you’ve raised your child right. Don’t fret, as we have the perfect mask to transform your little terror into the hideous and repulsive creature of the night he’s been yearning to become this Halloween.Straight from the minds of our costume experts, this Ghastly Ghoul mask for child is both ghastly AND ghoulish. It’s molded to look like a bloodied zombie face, complete with a crater of flesh where the skull would normally be. The bottom portion has the mouth of a ravenous zombie molded into it, which ought to be enough to make friends and family scream in terror with one glimpse.

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