Women’s Wild Elephant Costume


Start the stampede at your Halloween party in our Women’s Wild Elephant Costume. This hooded jumpsuit is cozy & perfect for all your safari fit needs.

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no elephant memoryYou can do just about anything with that computer in your pocket. Want a burrito delivered to your living room? Done. Need an emergency ride to the airport at 3AM? Simple (we won’t ask why, either). Crystal clear photos of everything you encounter throughout the day? Of course. But let’s face it, some experiences are more worthy of freezing in time than others (those 25 photos you took at the dentist aren’t likely worth a $15 frame). Our favorite memories to capture are Halloween costume debuts, because they’re such fun, divergent moments of all our lives. And heck, we don’t have elephant memories, so we have to preserve those fleeting moments the best we can!design & detailsEveryone knows that elephants have great memories, but did you know that elephants can help you make great memories? They can when you suit up in something unique and clever! That’s why our clever costume studio took such care to design this Wild Elephant Costume for Women with ultimate appeal for your next costumed outing. This exclusive look uses a soft gray jumpsuit as its base, with flared cuffs with printed toes at the wrists and ankles. There is a short, stuffed tail attached to the suit back, making the whole appearance as lifelike as it is cute! But the lined hood is what will transform you from fun party-goer to star of the savannah! It has large elephant ears and a stuffed trunk and tusks for instant animal magnetism, in elephant form!unforgettable charmGet ready to witness some lifelong memories being made when you stomp around in this cozy costume. Part of our Made By Us collection, in this you’ll be worry less about how long your impression will stick in your friends’ minds and more about where to find the best snacks at the party’s watering hole.

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