Overwatch Genji Sword Accessory


You’re Genji costume just wouldnt be complete without this Overwatch Genji Wakizashi Toy Sword. It features Genji’s signature green glowing wakizashi sword.

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The Ninja ItchIt NEVER goes away. Even when you become an adult and you pretend to be a well-balanced individual, completely devoid of your old childish desires… you still just wish you had a ninja sword to swing around. Don’t worry. It’s cool. We think it’s just time to embrace that desire. It’s never too late to walk enter the career of being a cybernetic ninja—you just need a ninja sword.Well, what better sword to start out with than Genji’s signature sword from the Overwatch video game?Product DetailsThis Overwatch Genji Wakizashi Toy Sword is inspired by the weapon wielded by Genji in the Blizzard video game. The sword measures 31 inches long and features a silver and green paint scheme to match the look of the real one. Just swing this baby through the air and it makes a very satisfying “wooosh” sound. Once you have it in your hands, you’ll be completely ready for the first steps into your new life as a ninja.Going GenjiIf you plan on cosplaying as Genji, then you need swords. It’s like the most important accessory to have when you’re dressed up as the iconic damage dealer from the game.

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