Hufflepuff Infinity Scarf – Harry Potter


Wear your house colors proudly with this Hufflepuff Infinity Scarf. Show your stripes and compete for the House Cup!

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Points for DedicationAs a Hufflepuff, nothing slows down your hard work. You’re dedicated to keeping the magical creatures at Hogwarts school well cared for, and the greenhouses tended equally. So, in the blistering cold, you trudge out to the forest to feed, water, and groom the fantastic beasts that have come to trust your kindness. When the sun beats down, making even 5 minutes under the greenhouse glass feel like a marathon run, you don’t quit. The herbs and animals need the attention, and it doesn’t hurt your grade being the stand-up student willing brave the weather either! But what happens when your winter and summer wear isn’t suitable for the weather? When it’s hat-and-gloves-weather in the morning but light jacket or bare-arms-weather by the afternoon? The work still needs doing, so what can be done?Design & DetailsEnsure your wardrobe is ready for any change in season with this exclusive Hufflepuff Infinity Scarf! The Made By Us accessory is the perfect closet inclusion for those winter to spring and summer to fall transitions. Measuring 20-inches wide and 80-inches around, the lightweight scarf can be worn layered for warmth or styled loosely for a breezy look! The black and gold chevron stripe and Hufflepuff crest ensure this officially licensed accessory pairs well with any Hogwarts ensemble while also making a great addition to any Harry Potter fan’s muggle wardrobe!

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