Leprechaun’s Costume Kit


Make your leprechaun costume as simple as can be with the purchase of this Leprechaun Costume Kit! Pot of gold not included.

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A Green Tie AffairEveryone loves a glorious celebration. There’s going to be fantastic food. Epic music. Probably some dancing that might even get just a bit flirty! That’s the fun of a party like that. Of course, there’s one problem. How many folks there are gonna end up wearing the same thing!? It’s a pretty big faux pas to find yourself in the exact same garment as another guest… and guys are way more likely to run into that problem. Fortunately, we’ve got a solution. Just go green! Folks have been trying to get everyone to “Go Green” for a decade or more. Now, of course, we all know that means to take care of nature and be responsible with recycling. But, you can go even further with the cause by looking awesome in an outfit that you can wear for countless parties, seasons… and there’s nothing more flirty than a flash of color!Product DetailsGarb up in green style with this Leprechaun costume kit. You’ll have everything you need to give yourself that heightened fairytale story look, whether you’re decking yourself out for Halloween or trying to get a jump on the St. Patrick’s Day fun. Start with a vest that features golden shamrocks over a green base. You have an elastic band bow tie as big as your neck and a gleaming red beard to wear under your chin. Don’t forget the matching hat. Everyone knows that the hat is where the gold is at. (Well, maybe not literally. Leprechauns surely hide that elsewhere.) Gonna Get Lucky!When you dress up like the magical folk of shamrocks and gold, you’re sure to feel the luck of the Irish running through you. What better way to get lucky every night than channeling the mirth and cheer of the green folk with this leprechaun kit!? 

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