Nintendo Classic Controller Fanny Pack


Dressing up as one of your favorite Nintendo classic video game characters? This Nintendo Classic Controller Fanny Pack is a must have costume accessory that will finish off your look in nostalgic style!

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Game On Wouldn’t it be great if real life was more like a video game? For one thing, you’d get a fun avatar like Mario or Donkey Kong. Instead of wondering why life got difficult all of a sudden, you’d be told right up front that you’re leveling up and you could look up cheat codes on line for solving the new level. And things explode! It would be cool to see more things explode (harmlessly) in everyday experience. And you could walk around with a controller that would actually solve your problems.Product Details We can’t give you a cheat code for your life, but we can give you a controller that makes your life better! This officially licensed Nintendo Classic Controller Fanny Pack Accessory is printed with graphics that look just like the nostalgic controllers you love so much. Plus, its zippered compartment can hold your necessities! Game Over You can stop looking for the perfect fanny pack, because now that you’ve found this one, you’ve definitely won the level! Enjoy the envious looks you get from people who realize that this awesome accessory (plus your natural sense of style) have made the fanny pack cool. 

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