Girl’s Super Mario Classic Princess Peach Costume


If your little girl always picks Princess Peach for a round of Mario Kart at your family game night, we think she will love this Girl’s Super Mario Classic Princess Peach Costume for her next costume party!

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unsung heroinePrincess Peach deserves a few more games of her own. It’s easy to see that there’s too much attention paid to Mario (and sometimes his brother) in the Mushroom Kingdom. What’s that about, huh? Do people think Mario is the only one who knows how to stomp a goomba? And you really think he needs that plumbing experience to crawl down a giant pipe? Anyone could do that. The fact of the matter is, plenty of Mario’s supposed greatness comes from him using fancy tricks. Anyone can grab a fire flower to battle a Koopa. And a star? Please! It’s not brave rushing into the enemy territory if you’re completely invincible.product detailsPrincess Peach could do all that and more, just like your entirely capable little girl! Our officially licensed Girl’s Super Mario Classic Princess Peach Costume will let everyone know just how much she can do — tennis, go karts, save the kingdom, what have you. The dress has short puffed sleeves and elastic cuffs, the petticoat has a knit mesh hem ruffle, and the crown has printed era princessYour little girl is a new kind of Princess Peach. She’s not dependent on Italian plumbers or even short little mushroom men. Instead, she’s winning the races herself, driving her kart, floating through the air with her powerful jumps and whatever else needs doing. And at the end of the day, she’s still a princess. 

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