Women’s Tan Victorian Spat Boot


These beautiful Women’s Tan Victorian Spat Boot will be a great addition to your Steampunk or Victorian costume look! You’ll look like you stepped out of a time machine when you wear these cool boots.

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These Boots Were Made for Drinkin’ Tea When you have calls to make, parties to attend, and voting rights to achieve, you need the proper footwear. Something pretty and cute would be ideal, since you want to look good in them, but you also want to feel good, so no super-high heels. Also, a newfangled zipper would be ideal, since no one has time to fasten dozens of buttons with one of those old-timey buttonhooks.Product DetailsStep out boldly to conquer the world in this Tan Victorian Spat Boot for Women! The pretty pair of boots is made of beige material that looks extra stylish thans to the dark brown piping, buttons, and heels. Not to worry: There’s a zipper on the inside of each ankle. Making HistoryThese boots are excellent for either walking out for a morning stroll, or travelling around the world breaking the glass ceiling. Pair them with a cute costume, or simply wear with some of those scandalous “jeans” the modern ladies always wear.  

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