Mod Candy Cane Glasses


Make your look extra sweet when you add these Mod Candy Cane Glasses. Featuring a mod-shaped frame with candy candy stripes, these Mod Candy Cane Glasses are absolutely groovy-licious!

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Lights, Camera, ChristmasAre you the producer of your family’s Christmas show? Oh, the smells, the excitement, and yeah, the stress. But you’ve got it covered. The shopping is done. You’ve got some great little treasures that are ready to wrap up and stow under the tree. Then there’s the way you’re planning for the Christmas feast. You’ve got all the classics planned from mashed potatoes to the gorgeous, glistening ham. But what are you going to make for dessert? As the director of the holidays, you’ve got it all covered. Ready to take on the role officially? Slip into these sweet glasses and everyone will recognize you as the authority on all things holly and jolly! Product DetailsWhether you’re rocking a Santa suit or a simple sweater, these peppermint striped glasses are a great way to top off any festive look. The strange shape is sure to stand out with style. Are the twelve days of Christmas over? Fold them up neatly and store them away until the next holiday season rolls around so that you can take on the gaze of a jolly judge as soon as it’s time. The rose-tinted lenses will help you stay bright, even if your partner forgets to pick up buttermilk at the store. You’re the manager of merry, you can handle it!

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