Toddler Photoreal Hot Dog Costume


Your little one will have lots of fun wearing this Toddler Photoreal Hot Dog Costume. This Toddler Photoreal Hot Dog Costume is a must have costume choice especially if one of your toddler’s favorite food is a hot dog.

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Hot Diggity DawgWhat can we say? Toddlers are funny creatures. When they get into something, they are in. Like, all in. Suddenly everything they wear has to be green. Or they simply must name all of their stuffed animals Captain Winklebottom. Or they will only eat one food for a long, long time.And your toddler is no different. And the obsession of the moment? Hot dogs! Of course, naturally. We mean, who isn’t obsessed with hot dogs, really? What’s not to love? But ever since your tot tasted their very first dog with all the fixings, well, it’s all you’ve been fixin’ for lunch and dinner. But this Toddler Photoreal Hot Dog Costume ought to satisfy even the most focused kiddo’s craving. It’s a cute, fun, and easy-to-wear costume that lets them lean into their obsession of the moment and look totally delicious (as if they weren’t already!).Product DetailsWhen it comes to Halloween costumes, this one couldn’t be simpler or more satisfying—kinda like a real hot dog, eh? It’s a one-piece pullover tunic that is printed to look like a photorealistic hotdog, complete with bun, ketchup, and mustard. One size fits most little ones, and they can wear their own seasonally appropriate clothes underneath! Sizzlin’ at SchoolUnlike a lot of Halloween outfits, this costume can easily be worn to your child’s Halloween party at school. Not only will all their friends find the look hilarious and unique, but they will also all want to sit next to your kiddo at lunch! Yum! 

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