Disney Hercules Megara Women’s Costume


Get this unique Disney Hercules Megara Women’s Costume for Halloween this year and become a Disney Greek goddess. This costume is sure to be a hit no matter where you go.

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No shrinking violetWhile some Disney heroines come from royal backgrounds, sing to birds, and live for a good ball, one of our favorite ladies from the world of Disney checks absolutely zero of those boxes. Her origin story stems from the underworld. She sold her soul to Hades to bring back her deceased boyfriend who then left her for another. That’s a lot of flaws for a Disney heroine! But that’s the thing, Megara makes mistakes. That’s what makes her so likable. She looks at her world with an edge. And when a hero shows up looking to save her she lets him know that she’s able to tie her own sandals, despite the hero’s baby blues. And yeah, Megara gets elected to betray Hercules but in the end, she sacrifices herself to save him. That kind of courage is not the trait of a shrinking violet, despite the hue of her gorgeous dress. Product DetailsThis gown will make you feel like you’re part of an epic adventure. The top is finely pleated with sheer, sparkly fabric. The neckline nods to Megara’s Greek background with swirling medallions on each side. It has both an empire cut and a satin-textured sash in the middle, accenting your waist. The skirt is layered with sheer pleated sparkly fabric and a solid purple base. Top the whole look off with our Megara wig and you’ll be ready to set off on your own epic adventure. You Tie Your Own SandalsWant to get in touch with your Disney heroine side with a sassy twist? Megara is a great choice to let your saucier side run free. So tighten your sandals and sharpen up your own comeback skills that you can throw out even when you’re struggling to escape a monster’s paw. Whether you’re heading for Hades or a costume party, this costume will be a hit with Hercules fans, everywhere!

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