Sushi Costume for Women


Watch out for chop sticks and soy sauce! You will look so delicious in this exclusive Women’s Sushi Costume people will want to eat you up!

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Sashaying with SashimiYou’ve got good taste. You’ve tried dishes from all over the world. You’ve tried spicy Aloo gobi. You’ve wolfed down xiao long bao without scalding your entire mouth. You’ve indulged in a bowl of Pho that was bigger than your head. But as foods go, nothing is quite as addictive as deliciously simple sushi. There’s something about it. It’s the texture. It’s the mouth-size portions. It’s the tangy, sweet, and umami all working in harmony together. In short, this is a food that deserves the honor of your cravings. This Halloween, pay your respects to your favorite food in style with this adorable sushi costume.Details & DesignOur Made by Us costumes always break the mold and this sushi costume is no different. Our sushi loving designers combined a gorgeous wrap dress that’s patterned in a unique rice print with a hilarious foam sashimi that’s attached to the back. The look is cinched together with a shiny belt that represents the flavorful seaweed that makes us dream about sushi at all times of the day. The look is finished off with a chopstick headband that features rosettes of wasabi and ginger because no sushi feast is complete without that sweet, sweet spice!Hunger CallsIs there anything worse than a group of friends who can’t decide what to eat? It’s even worse when you’re super hungry. Friendships end over this kind of conflict. Give yourself foodie authority when you dress up as sushi this year. What better way to show that you’re devoted to the cause? When Susie makes a bid for a boring American chain, save everyone from a bland dinner by breaking out a picture of you eating delicious sushi while dressed in a sushi costume. With a move like that, we’re pretty your group will let you pick the restaurant for years to come!

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