Adult BLT Group Costume


We all know the saying, those that stick together…taste great together! This Adult BLT Group Costume is sure to be a tasty hit at your next costume event!

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The Classic ComboYou and your best buds are inseparable. You live together, work at the same start-up, host holiday parties together, and even run errands side-by-side. It’s so easy, that it’s the kind of friendship you never have to even think about. Until Halloween rolls around and you realize you need a costume you can all wear…together! After all, you three are hosting this year’s big bash and your friends will expect to see a coordinated costumed trio. Couples’ costumes may be readily available, but it can be hard to find a great group look that’s original, too. Don’t worry, friends! This Adult BLT Group Costume is here to solve all your Halloween (and late-night snacking) woes. It’s a clever take on a classic combo, the BLT! Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato join forces to create three easy to wear and impactful looks, perfect for your inseparable trio. Now, the only thing that will be tough is figuring out which one of you gets to be bacon — everyone’s favorite part!Design & DetailsYou three will look sizzling when you slip on these tunic tops, complete with photo-realistic prints of each of the three ingredients — lush green lettuce, a juicy slice of tomato, and a tasty strip of bacon. You’d better believe you’ll stay comfy, as these looks can be worn over your own clothes, too.Hold the MayoYou look so realistic, you’ll just want to make sure no jokesters at your party try to dump a bunch of mayo on you! Have fun hosting Halloween together, you three. You look scrumptious!  

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