Mario Kart Molded Wheel Crossbody Handbag


Ignite the night and speed your way to the party with the Mario Kart Molded Wheel Crossbody Handbag! This handbag features realistic features from the acclaimed video game series and is a must-have!

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Ready, Set…The racers are revving their cars and it’s time for the green flag! Few things are more fun than racing your friends in a friendly, competitive game of high-speed driving where mushrooms make you speed up, stars make you invincible, and red shells make you a lot of enemies (mostly kidding here). Product DetailsStart your engines and grab your officially licensed Mario Kart Molded Wheel Women’s Crossbody Handbag! The faux leather purse is shaped like a wheel with the word “MarioKart” printed in white along the rim. The center of the bag is printed to look like a yellow hubcap. A zippered inner enclosure keeps your belongings safe, and the chain strap is embellished with a charm shaped like Mario in a blue racecar. And First Place Goes To…Even Rainbow Road is easier when you’ve got your trusty handbag full of necessary supplies! Mario Kart fans will love this unique and playful accessory that turns a normal day into a speedy adventure (please note that this purse does not protect you from blue shells). 

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