Men’s Secret Agent Trench Coat


Break out your detective skills when you wear this Secret Agent Trench Coat! Hey, if you aren’t a great detective at least you will still look the part!

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It’s time for a missionGot a secret mission? We’re sure you do! So, what’s the gig, anyways? FBI? CIA? Covert ops and running around hunting for foreign agents? Maybe you’re even on a mission to cover up a UFO crash landing!It’s okay, we’re cool to the secrecy. And we’re hip to one important part of your mission, even if you can’t quite divulge what it is. You’re going to need to look the part! Nobody’s going to know you’re a secret agent if you don’t have an all-black getup, and that’s kind of the point right? To get to say to everyone “Sorry, ma’am. That’s classified.”All black is a great choiceWell, we’re ready to help you out with your gig. You see, any secret agent worth their mettle knows to wear all black, but they know just what to wear over their suit, too. A black trench coat! You, of course, might not have a trench coat in your everyday attire, but that’s where we come in. We have no problem helping you out with the mission!Just complete your costume style with this Secret Agent Trench Coat. In all-black, it captures the iconic style from the movies, but it’s lightweight so it won’t bog you down, and it’s priced way less than any kind of coat you’d find in a department store. Your mission might be difficult, but this part is easy. Add this trench coat to your mission, and good luck!The Real DealWe’re sure you’ve got what it takes to be successful in secret ops, but just in case you’ve got to gear up, well, we’ve got you covered there, too! We’ve got costume hats, sunglasses, and even police accessories to get you fully equipped. And an even better idea? Outfit all your friends in secret agent costumes, and assemble your own field squad. We’ve got plenty of styles for your whole gang!

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