Men’s Plus Size Cartoon Rabbit Costume


This Men’s Plus Size Cartoon Rabbit Costume will transform you into the goofy bunny with a famously sexy wife. The costume includes a headpiece, bow tie, shirt, overalls and furry feet.

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Is there a right way for how this goes? You got your friends, and you got your foes…When you’re a big studio star in Hollywood and you’re married to a famously sexy dame, there’s always gonna be some Ace tryin’ to take you down, see? Whether they’re trying to steal your Duchess, frame you for murder, or get you on a one-way ticket to The Big Dip, there’s no rest for a rascally rabbit like yourself.So when the colorful clues don’t add up and you’re behind the eight-ball, what’s a funny bunny like you to do? We’ll tell ya…you tighten that blue polka-dot tie and ya team up with the best crackajack PI in town (even if he is a tough-talking, toon-hating sourpuss detective determined to work alone). You’ve got a case to crack, a redheaded canary to get back to, and town full of toons to save. And when you do finally catch those weasels who are tryin’ to frame you…they better be ready to grab some sky, or this print’s gonna be the last their cartoon faces are ever gonna see… But at least everything with your wardrobe will be copacetic with this Plus Size Cartoon Rabbit Costume! With its fuzzy white headpiece with bendable ears, red overalls with snazzy yellow buttons, white long sleeved white shirt, and puffy blue bow tie, you’ll be able to easily hop from a local dive to a clip joint as you look for clues on who’s tryin’ to take your fuzzy tail down.

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