Toddler’s Pretty Peacock Costume


Known for their unique plumage and beauty, peacocks have been loved by many for centuries. With our Toddler’s Pretty Peacock Costume, your little one will surely be the hit of the party!

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Pretty plumageWe’re pretty sure that everyone likes peacocks. They’re just so pretty! We can’t think of any bird who has prettier feathers… not flamingos, or swans, or cardinals, and definitely not ostriches! We mean, really… Can you imagine dressing up like an ostrich? That must be such a boring costume, with only gray and white feathers. But peacocks! If you dress up like one of those, you get to wear blue and green and yellow and all sorts of pretty colors! No one ever asks if they can dress up like an ostrich, but everyone has fun dressing up like a peacock!The hardest part about dressing up like a peacock is finding all the beautiful peacock feathers. You can’t have a good peacock costume without those gorgeous feathers, but you can’t exactly go up to peacocks and ask to borrow some of theirs! Maybe you can follow them around and hope they molt, but that probably takes a long time and is a really tedious process. You’d have to clean the feathers, and then glue them onto your dress, and it’d be really sticky and messy by the end. No one has time for that! Instead, why not order this super beautiful peacock costume for your little one instead?Product detailsNow your toddler can have the finest feathers at any costume party with this Toddler’s Pretty Peacock Costume. The pretty blue dress features sparkly sequins on top and then a skirt full of layers of gauzy ruffles in blue and green shades. There’s also a beautiful attached tail of colorful feathers and a matching blue feathered headband!Feathered and fineNow, your toddler can show off her gorgeous feathers in style at her next costume party, and you don’t even have to worry about her tail molting!

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