Medieval Battle Knight’s Sword Prop


Are you ready to defend the kingdom from DOOM!? Just grab this Medieval Battle Knight’s Sword. The toy accessory is great at saving the land from any threat.

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So we hear you’re having a goblin problem?You might be surprised to hear that goblin problems are pretty common nowadays. Goblin packs are attacking small villages on a regular basis, and worse yet? It’s not only goblins. There have been reports of travelling bands of orcs, a wandering dragon or two, and evil sorcerers and knights trying to move into the town next-door. With all this encroaching evil, what is a person to do?Arm yourself to the teeth, of course! For instance, if you try out our Medieval Battle Knight’s Sword, you will likely not have any trolls bothering you any time soon. Just take out this 39″ baton-of-death, swing it around, and watch the baddies run for cover. This thing is awesome. We’re pretty sure it should be a rule that everyone has one. You know, for your own safety.

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