Disney Emperor’s New Groove Kuzco Costume Hat and Collar Kit


Look the part as Kuzco with this shiny Emperor’s New Groove Kuzco Costume Hat and Collar Kit. This kit includes the accessories you’ll need to look just like Kuzco, a gold collar and gold hat.

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King MeEmperor Kuzco really knows how to king. No, we don’t mean he’s a great ruler. He’s pretty awful even after he learned his llama lesson. No, what we’re trying to say is that he really knows how to enjoy his royalty! From the way that he lounges on his golden throne to the way he casually plans a waterpark before running water and electricity is invented, he has much more fun than any other Disney royal. Do you want to get into a Kuzco mood at a moment’s notice? No need to visit Peru, we’ve got the perfect set for you to take on your new emperor groove!Costume DetailsTaking on the Incan empire is a pretty big responsibility but this crown won’t weigh heavy on your head. It’s made with golden foam and comes with absolutely zero responsibility! The crown fits over the crown of your head while the golden collar secures around your neck with a strip of hook and loop fastener. Pair this with turquoise earrings and a red tunic or t-shirt and you’ll be ready to step up to the throne or simply have a royal good time. Now, let’s start planning that water park!

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