Kid’s Realistic Pirate Wig


Your boy will be ready to sail the seven seas, looking for long lost buried treasure or maybe even the Holy Grail with this exclusive Kid’s Realistic Pirate Wig!

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Here There Be PiratesAvast there, sailor! It’s been whispered around Tortuga that ye be a famous pirate captain who’s looking to sign on a tough and glory-hungry crew for pillaging the Caribbean seas! If ye’ve got a ship, ye won’t be short of eager candidates who want to find treasure. They’ll be happy to join you anytime: They can see by your cool hairstyle that you’re the real deal. Product DetailsRob treasure galleons on the Spanish Main and make yourself rich with plunder (the candy kind, anyway) when you wear this exclusive Realistic Pirate Wig for Kids! A thick hairpiece of brown faux hair styled into long dreadlocks dangles past your shoulders. Accessories including a red bandanna and two strings of beads come pre-attached. Its mesh wig cap features a comfortable elastic edge. Yo Ho Ho! When you’ve got Jolly Rogers to hoist and gold coins to bury, you can’t be worrying about having the perfect pirate look. Fortunately, this wig is just what you need! 

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