Women’s Playful Police Costume


Go with a classic police officer look in this women’s Playful Police short-sleeve dress costume. (This is why we call it DRESS up). Handcuffs not included.

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Play the Part of the PoliceSuiting up to join the local police force isn’t usually fun and games… and in all reality, it’s nothing of the sort. Cops have a tough job in front of them because suiting up to protect and serve the public is a tall order. The best cops take their jobs seriously and focus on peace, stability… and also maintaining a good relationship with the public. That’s why one of the best officers can occasionally get a bit playful. With this Playful Police costume, you won’t have any difficulty putting smiles on the faces of your co-workers. Bring a few board games with you for your shift at the Police Station or get the community together for an epic game of hide and seek. (No need to actually pretend for the whole cops and robbers game, but that can be a cool twist, too!) No matter what kind of games you’d like to play in this costume, you’re going to have the right look to have some fun!Product DetailsStyled as a dress that riffs on a standard-issue police uniform, this Made by Us Playful Police Officer costume also comes with a belt, tie, hat, gloves, and a badge. The one-piece dress functions as a uniform top and layered skirt combination, short sleeves and a tulle pettiskirt achieve the playful style. Top off the costume with the included hat, and when the tie is secured around your neck and the badge is pinned to the top, you’re going to have the authoritative-yet-fun look that you are going for.Civic ResponsibilityWhen you are stepping into the role of the Playful Police officer, just take it easy on all your fellow party-goers and remember that it’s all supposed to be fun and games. And you might just want to leave the handcuffs at home…

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