Men’s Dalmatian Hoodie Costume


Get tons of compliments when you show up wearing this Men’s Dalmatian Hoodie Costume. Plus, everyone will ask you who let the dogs out!

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On the SpotDogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They’re always there when we need them. Sometimes that means tugging us out the door to go on a walk when we just want to watch another episode of reality television. Other times their jobs are bigger. For instance, Dalmations were first used to escort the horses that pulled fire fighting equipment through the streets. They knew to stay out of the way of the horses’ hoofs and herded any other dogs away from the cart as it sped along country lanes or crowded city streets. While guiding horses through the streets may no longer be an important job, Dalmations have forever earned a place by firefighters’ sides! Dogs have been on the spot for us, whether the job is big or small. So why not do them the honor of dressing in their spots this Halloween?Costume DetailsSlipping into character is easy with this Dalmation hoodie. You can pair this with your own clothes so if you’re heading to a Halloween party after work all you need to do is zip this on, turn up the hood, and go. A collar fits around the neckline for a loyal look while the hood has one black ear and one with spots for a charming doggish appeal!On the RunThis costume is adorable alone but it’s easy to make it into a group costume. Pair up with up to one-hundred buddy Dalmations for a costume with cartoon qualities. You can even throw a villainous fashionista in there for good measure. Slipping into this Dalmation costume is a great way to flaunt your best personality traits. Not only are you cute, cuddly, and loyal, but you’ve got great fashion sense, as well. That’s a lot of bark for your buck!

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