Knit Cat Hood


Show off your styling feline side by choosing this black, furry and sequinned Cat Knit Hood. Accessorize your costume with this cat knit hood and you will look absolutely purrfect!

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Are you planning on letting your inner animal out this costume season? We respect it! Want to dress up as a sassy black cat or a claim yourself Queen of the Jungle as a majestic panther? Maybe you’d like to dress up as a big bad black wolf or as a cuddly bear this year. Perhaps you think that skunks are just the most adorable critters out there. Well, if you’re hoping to portray any of these furry creatures then you’re going to need to get your paws on (or should we say ‘in’) the right accessories to complete your costume. Take a look at this Cat Knit Hood!Cats have many features that make them the sneaky, curious little creatures they are, like their tails, ears, and signature eyes. But their cat ears are the cherries on top, and they put those little ears up to catch any and all gossip! It will be a welcome skill at your next costume party because you’ll have all the scuttlebutt afterwards. Once you toss this furry hood over your head you’ll be ready to prance around the party scene as the cutest critter anyone has ever seen. Oh, and besides looking absolutely adorable with this on, your ears will also be kept warm when you’re on any brisk costume-season errand-runs! That’s a win-win right there. Grab this Cat Knit Hood and look through the rest of our accessories, like some paws or a cat nose, to put together the cutest animal costume this Halloween.

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