Kids Black Cat Onesie


Why not be a cat for Halloween? The Kid’s Black Cat Onesie will not only win your costume contest but you’ll also be warm and comfy while doing it. Bring someone a little bad luck when you walk across the street.

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Cats are KingAren’t kittens the most adorable thing in the world? We know a few dog people out there who might not agree, but kittens take the cake when it comes to cuteness. There’s just something about them! Maybe it’s the way they scramble around, looking for their next adventure while making those soft little meows. Maybe it’s the way their tiny pointy ears wiggle when they hear a new sound. Or perhaps it’s how they will chase after a ball of yarn like it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened to them!Yeah, we’re pretty much ready to crown cats as the undeniable champions of cuteness. (Sorry dog people, you’re just going to have to deal with it.) And if your child is looking for the absolute more adorable costume to wear, then you’re going to want to get something that captures the charming nature of the kitten! That’s where this Kid’s Black Cat Onesie costume comes into play!Design & DetailsInspired by kitties across the world, this Made by Us cat costume is a great way for any child to get into touch with their feline side! The costume comes with a soft, black onesie that’s designed to fit like a pair of pajamas. It fits with a zipper in front and has a cat tail that dangles down in the back. Of course, the best part about this costume is the hood! The hood is designed to look like a kitten’s face. It has eyes, a nose, and a mouth in front, along with a pair of cat ears in back. It all comes together for a look that may just have your little one ready to chase after a ball of yarn!Comfy as a KittyIf your child is a cat-lover, or you just want to combine the cuteness of your child with a kitty cat, then this comfy costume is an easy choice!

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