Gryffindor Harry Potter Classic Necktie


Accessorize your costume this Halloween season with this Harry Potter Gryffindor Classic Necktie. This tie is red all over with yellow striping and has the Grffindor house emblem on the bottom of it.

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Style Points to GryffindorAs a Gryffindor student, you’re probably going to get into trouble once in a while. It’s not necessarily your fault. It’s just that your bold nature demands that you get to the bottom of mysteries and compels you to challenge authority when you see something that’s just not fair. Sneaking out of bed to stir your fully illegal Polyjuice potion or trespassing to the restricted section of the library is pretty much normal behavior for you so you’re going to get caught sometimes. You can usually talk your way out of trouble but when you can’t, you’d better make up for the points you lost for Gryffindor with some serious style points. Next time you speak in Defense Against the Dark Arts, show that you’re a serious student with this sharp Gryffindor tie! Anyone dressing like this must have been sneaking out for a good reason!Product DetailsThis fully licensed Gryffindor tie is the perfect way to top off Harry Potter Halloween costumes as well as your everyday streetwear. It’s sure to stand out with its bold red and gold stripes. Stamped with the Gryffindor shield on the front, there’s no question what house you’re aligned with!

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