King Peppy Trolls Men’s Costume


Transform into the retired king of pop, in our amazing Men’s King Peppy Trolls Costume. This costume comes complete with everything you need down to the eyebrows! Officially licensed, and exclusive to us, you can find this one anywhere else.

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No Troll Left Behind!Trolls can be silly, sure. They can be a little extravagant, over-excitable, and easily distracted by anything sparkly. But none of this means they can’t be dignified. Ready for a little conflict. And ready to stand together to make sure that no troll gets left behind when they’re escaping from hungry Bergen royal family! That’s right, we’re talking about King Peppy. He might not be perfect but he’s wise, strong, and he knows how to run for the hills better than anyone else! That troll ball he created in the first movie was SO efficient!King Peppy is all about protecting his Pop music community. And even if he ends up addressing his kingdom in his birthday suit, he always completes his kingly duties with dignity!Design & DetailsLuckily for… well, all of us, this Made By Us costume of King Peppy features a clothed version of the troll king. Created by our in-house creative team for your amusement, this costume features a soft orange jumpsuit that covers your arms and legs, imitating Peppy’s skin tone. The hips are padded to ensure that distinct Troll silhouette that we all know and love. Shorts and a vest is attached. A yellow nose with a mustache attached straps onto your face with an elastic band. A pair of four-fingered gloves and shoe covers complete your orange hue while the whole ensemble is topped off by Peppy’s bushy eyebrows and wild troll wig.Family HarmonyAre you ready to make some Trolls style music? Or maybe just have a good ol’ dance break to the Trolls World Tour soundtrack? Pair King Peppy with our other Troll costumes! Choose from Poppy, Branch, or even Guy Diamond! Plan this out right and no troll will be left behind on Halloween night!

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