Plus Size Dark Northern King Costume


Lead your own medieval army to victory in this exclusive plus size dark Northern King costume for men. Available in 2X and 3X.

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TIME FOR HONOR!There’s been a strange pattern of folks just ready to toss their whole sense of honor out the window into the freezing cold below. What the heck!? Aren’t these folks claiming to be nobles, knights, and even royalty? Doesn’t that just come naturally equipped with a sense of right and wrong? The desire to serve your people and make sure that everyone gets to see through the tough times and into the bright summer days? Well, amidst all these awful and pompous noble-bred folks who are more concerned about how well their gold matches their royal purple hues and whether or not that goes with the official seal of their Houses, we know there are some out there that still know what honor really means. It is time to don the mantle of a true leader and guide the whole of the northlands into a period of justice! Good thing that we’ve got your back with a look that’s both regal and rugged. DESIGN & DETAILSThe first step to becoming our greatest hope for the future is changing things up by changing into this Dark Northern King costume. This look is designed by our own loyal northerners and crafted with the highest quality materials to make sure that it stays fitting in the right places whether you’re sitting in court or fighting off some supernatural baddies. With a fantasy inspired look, the dark cape and fur trim are sure to inspire any brothers in arms. The tunic is black linen with faux suede detailing and padded shoulders. Cinch things together with a brass-toned buckled belt and matching faux suede gloves. EARN A COMPANIONOnce you’ve mastered the north with this rugged king of the wilderness look, you’ll no doubt attract a number of loyal soldiers. But, best yet, you might even find yourself an even mightier companion. Perhaps a wild creature of nature or something even more ancient and mighty! 

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